I honestly reckon your pretty damn cool.


I wish I am. Thanks though (hugs)

we talk about people we fall in love withwe talk about people we used to lovewe talk about people being in love
and sometimes people we don’t love.

Babe it was never about you.

we talk about people we fall in love with
we talk about people we used to love
we talk about people being in love

and sometimes people we don’t love.

Babe it was never about you.

Currently closing “what comforts you”

I still have tens of requests (not that many but Im sorry that it keeps piling up!!) I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten to them but I will soon. There’s big news I want to share with you all but nothing is confirmed yet and I’m very excited and I just wanna share my excitement and stuff but give me a bit more time and I hope I’ll be able to give you good news (just personal news fyi)

I have been so busy with work and emotional shit but there have been good people in my life and I really appreciate it all. All the sweet messages you send make my day that much brighter and god knows I need it.

Blueberry pancakes for everyone!!!!



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i am doing okay.so very okay.

i am doing okay.
so very okay.

i hope you feel better very soon. i'm also going through a not fun breakup and i don't know what to do to feel better either in all honesty. i hope this week you eat a stack of blueberry pancakes, find $20, find a new favorite song, smile, meet another human that makes you feel good about being alive, smile a couple of times, feel a little better. you don't have to reply or post this, i just wanted to say i actually really hope you feel better soon my friend. beautiful art work by the way.


You’re such a wonderful person anon. Thank you so much you’re so so sweet for sending this. Blueberry pancakes isn’t popular here but I really do hope I get to eat some.

All my love.

the tethered remains of an unlikely relationship.

the tethered remains of an unlikely relationship.

I may be wrong, but I think youthhcamp posted another one of your drawings. the one that says- "I don't even understand my own feelings" or something like that. forgive me if I'm wrong, it just looks like your style of drawing. xx


Hi! Yup the drawing is mine.

I don’t know who the fuck this youthhcamp person is??? They just post random things from all around and don’t even credit the artist or anything. It’s just such a fucking shitty thing to do and it’s giving me so much grief!!!!!!

This blog was also the one that previously posted another one of my drawings. It got so much notes and I’m glad about that but there’s nothing I can show for it! The views go to their tumblr and people don’t know that the original artist is me!!! Which just makes me really angry and stuff but … ARGH there’s only so much I can do.. I can’t message them because they don’t have an ask function (I secretly think it’s because they don’t want people or artists to call them out on it)

I don’t know what to do.
But hey, it’s the Internet.. There’s ups and downs I have to deal with.
Thank you for telling me tho. Now I know what a shitty blog they are.
Don’t follow youthhcamp!!! They are just a lazy and terrible tumblr posting for their own growth.


Do u have instagram?


Yes but it’s very very inactive.



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[[MORE]]i have reached more than 3000 followers!!!! this is huge to me.
i am so so so thankful that all of you guys have chosen to follow this blog and see the stuff that i put out.
i hope i will continue to post stuff you all relate and find comfort in.thank you for being patient and kind to me.
I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS RIGHT NOW.but thank you so much again. all my love.

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do you still make "what comforts me" drawings ? because i want to submit something.


yes i still do!!! at least i want to!!! i have been so busy and tired recently but please keep sending things. it might take some time before it gets to you though because I have a couple i wanna follow up with.

just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep,