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Any tips or ideas to keep people from showing your work as their own? Does it make you regret showing your work on a site like tumblr where it can be "taken" so easily? Thanks, hope you're well xx


Honestly I can’t stop people from posting drawing(s) of mine. I source my images, I disabled right click .. so on so forth. There’s a lot of ways to save an image and reposting has already happened.

I don’t have any tips or ideas at all.
I could say sign your work but i don’t do that much myself…

Reposters cause me some distress because it takes away the number of views i could have gotten and when reposted art gets like more than 100,000 notes while my original source gets only 400 i sometimes wonder if i should have tagged better or what i’m doing wrong.
BUT I have never regretted posting my work on tumblr. I’ve got great followers and I think it makes me feel really good and comforted that there are people who can relate to me. I’ve got some messages from followers about how they’ve found the source (which is me) after so long and it makes me feel really good!! that someone actually can recognise my style/ works and want to find the source.

anyway, I’m doing good and i’m sorry I havent been posting much stuff recently because i’ve been busy with work and packing/moving to London.
thanks for asking! i hope you’re well too!

i cringe when i think of all the mistakes i’ve made.

i cringe when i think of all the mistakes i’ve made.

you should try making an Instagram if you don't have one :)


I do. But highly inactive. @etcdrawings

What type of pens do you use? And do you have any advice on drawing?



just keep drawing. that’s the simplest thing i can say. i don’t even follow it myself because sometimes drawing is emotional and it is hard and also because excuses.

but keep drawing. don’t stop just draw. don’t even think, just draw.
draw whatever you want, draw ugly shit, draw fine ass shit, draw curly lines, draw swirly faces just draw draw draw.

but of course, even i am struggling.


thank you for existing.


thank YOU for existing.


So I’ve been really busy and stressed out for a while. 
Just a few weeks ago I received an offer to take up a communication course in illustrations. in London. I thought a lot about leaving Singapore, leaving my current psych, amount of work, my mental state…
but my mom pushed me towards it and…
I accepted, and things are moving along alright. I tendered my resignation so I’ve got 2 more weeks at work, my visa preparation is coming along.. soon hopefully.
But anyway, I’m going to LONDON!!!!! to do my masters!!!! and I’m really excited about that and also partly because it might move me closer to being an illustrator professionally and it’s a great opportunity to move around and network and do new projects and hopefully not to disappoint my parents anymore.
Things are going good and I am hoping i’ll be okay and I’m really happy right now! You guys!!! I am so glad that this tumblr is around and you are all so so great!!!!!

So I’ve been really busy and stressed out for a while.

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Just stumbled across your blog and would like to tell you that you are incredibly talented. Your work is so unique and lovely, with poetry and art combined in the most beautiful way possible. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world x x


this is really sweet of you and it’s so touching to get something like this. I never thought of my writings as poetry but it’s nice of you to think that. this is a really encouraging message!!! thank you!!!!!!
(๑> ◡ <๑)

you have some art tumblr to recommend?



not sure about art tumblrs but i do like The Art of Animation and also the design blog nevver

Artists I like includes:
Rubyetc: She inspired me to start my own tumblr and her tumblr deals with issues such as depression and bipolar disorder (her personal issues and more). They are mostly lighthearted and show how sometimes you should take a good laugh at life

Amajor7; I think Seamus is a very kind person. Smart too. I think his work gets reposted the most around and he have probably found a way to not get too kicked up about it. Anyway, his stuff are hilarious, relatable and super chill

John Hind: Just a great illustrator. Great stuff.
same with Adara Sanchez. Great stuff too. I follow some illustrators but these are a few of my favourites.

I don’t follow art blogs but there’s a very formal one called Artnet .. Which is super formal and professional feeling and stuff which i feel is kind of distancing but.. anyway, let me know if this is good (:

i&#8217;m tired.

i’m tired.



FUCK YOU WEHEARTITFuck man seriously. Fuck fuck fuck.




Fuck man seriously. Fuck fuck fuck.

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hey eve, what do you draw on? do you draw in a book and if yes what sorta books do you use or do you draw on loose sheets of paper and then put them together? hoping you have a wonderful day! :) also do u make ur drawings completely transparent or just add a white background?



I have been drawing in notebooks since late last year. We have muji here and its notebooks are really cheap and good. I usually get the brown ones with super smooth paper (quite thin as well).

I use it all the time and it gets all crumply and shitty but i love the way it looks and it’s also not too big and I can put it in my bag. Prior to that I drew on loose sheets and they all go somewhere else better I don’t have my originals most of the time.

i take a photo or scan my works and they all have a white background. except for a sandwich image i did last year. hope this helps!!


thoughts of you come and go,be it bad, be it good, it&#8217;s you.

thoughts of you come and go,
be it bad, be it good,

it’s you.

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Really want to share this.
Just the Singaporean teenage social media scene.

for delinqency.

lol. so applicable huh/